How to Insure Your Collection

Through Chattic, you can request a no-fuss, affordable insurance quote from Collectibles Insurance Services. CIS is a top-rated insurer with a genuine understanding of the collectibles market.

Step 1: Choose the Item You'd Like to Insure

Click on My Account > Listings.

Scroll to the item you'd like to insure and click on the Insure button.

Step 2: Start Your Quote

This will bring you to the Collectibles Insurance Services website. Click on the Start a New Quote button.

You'll need to provide some information about your item. You have the option of insuring an individual item or an entire collection.

Next, you'll fill in your personal information. If you store your collection at a different address, you'll also add that here.

On the next screen, you'll answer some questions about how your collection is stored and any existing safeguards you have in place. Click on the Your Quote button to continue.

Step 3: Review Your Quote

You have your quote! On this screen, you'll find basic policy info. You'll also answer a few final questions and choose your policy start date. Click the Apply Now button to confirm your choices and insure your collection.

On this screen you can decide if you'd like to pay annually, semi-annually, or quarterly. You can also choose to pay over the phone. Make your selection and click on the Buy This Policy button and then the Pay button to pay online.

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